Thursday, November 27, 2008

The disaster - what is now expected

(originally meant for the DIYA(dawned indian youth army) forums): (for more info about this, see the previous post down).

We are no more children.. unless we take responsibility in our own hands, India is going nowhere. Politicians with no qualifications whatsoever rule us and time and again, under perform. i am not going to start blaming them. That is not the solution as I see it...

We need a whole change... We need someone with charisma, one who can change the Indian mentality and the laws of Indian politics. We need youth with intelligence in the system.. someone who knows what they are doing... India 2020 cannot be achieved without the involvement of our country's greatest resource- the youth.

India has achieved a whole lot in the past. But we cannot stand on the past alone.. We need to adapt, something we have been resisting. The times have changed. Today, took place, in Mumbai, one of the largest terrorist attacks in the world, and the worst one India has seen ever.

The youth need to infiltrate politics and governance. There is no other solution. Our armed forces are some of the best in the world, yet this has happened. We still follow outdated laws and vote-bank politics.

While the terrorists grow in power and intelligence and resources, we have not been growing so. In here, everything works the same old way, and we need to go through several levels of administration and bureaucracy to get things done.

When will we ever learn? When will we ever change?

I call upon everyone with the determination and will to take a minimum of an active interest in politics. If not join it, be a watchdog. Claim your rights, and what is yours. WE do not have to live administered by corrupt goondas. With the support of educated youth, then and ONLY then will there be a hope for the future, leave alone development...

Anirudh R

P.S: It was indeed heartening to see parties staying away from blaming each other at least during today's disaster..

I feel it is credible of advani and manmohan to travel together to mumbai.. Let there be more signs of such wisdom. India is learning. It will be a better place no doubt.


Rohit Subramanian said...

A brilliant sum up of all the emotions that an awakening youth in India would experience at the news!!!

ashwini said...

woah!! true!! great post!!

Arvind Ragunathan said...

sad that advani and manmohan played rotten politics again when they cancelled their plan to go together